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Giving Policy at Christ Church Cathedral

Giving Policy at Christ Church Cathedral

Perhaps the first question that will be asked: “Why does Christ Church Cathedral need a giving policy?” Every organization with the privledge of being considered a registered charity needs a giving policy. The Canadian Revenue Agency grants charitable status to organizations that meet very strict requirements. Churches, at least at the moment, are among them. […]

Bishop and Chapter News – February 2019

Bishop and Chapter met on Monday, 11 February 2019 with twelve members present. Minutes of the 21 January were adopted. An article, “Joyful Stewardship” by Linda Buskirk (Episcopal Church Foundation) was discussed. The Chapter agreed on the value of developing a stewardship statement to help guide a culture of joyful stewardship in the future Business […]

Bishop and Chapter News – November 2018

Bishop and Chapter met on Monday, 19 November 2018 with eight of a usual twelve members present. The Dean lead discussion on an article “Financial Transparency” from the Episcopal Church Foundation. Business Arising • Nominating Committee – membership: C. Schmidt, T. Fetter and G. Hall. Working to secure nominations for 2019 elections • Verger resignation […]