Bishop and Chapter News – October 2023

Bishop and Chapter met on 16 October 2023 with 8 of 13 members present. Minutes of the 11 September and 19 June meeting were adopted. J. Yeamans was elected to the chair in the absence of the Lay-Chair. The Dean lead a short discussion following a reading of Philippians 2:1-13 and some reflections on the nature of decision-making by way of Christian discernment. Some references to “The Way of Discernment” (E. Liebert) were considered.


Safe Church Officer Dianne Wilkins visited with an update on recent efforts toward implementing diocesan policy on safe church. V. Hachey and G. Hall offered to be part of a task group to consider next steps



• 1 care facility Communion; Diocesan Clergy Conference (18-20 September); ill and absent on Sunday 01 October; 1 committee/group meeting; 1 meeting with assisting clergy and deacons; choir rehearsal 21 September; 1 meeting of the Diocesan Finance Committee.


• 21 October Farraline Place fund-raiser
• 01-12 Diocesan Council development retreat
• 03 December First Sunday of Advent


• Nominating Committee - J. Hand appointed to the Committee. Members: H. Palmer, J. Hand, K. Schmidt, J. Dunderdale. Chapter requests the Committee meet to attend to current/upcoming business
• Vice-Chair of Chapter - referred to the Nominating Committee
• Property Committee Chair - referred to the Nominating Committee


• East window repair - recent storm damage to plexiglass panel. Repair estimate $8,257 (Active Glass and Mirror). Insurance ($2500 deductable) claim investigated. Cost charged to property maintenance approved
• Snow removal contract - accepted a proposal for 23/24 winter from Pro-Care of $5,175 + $100 per sanding
• Parish nurse funds - that an investment fund account be created for monies received or accumulated and designated parish nurse


Treasurer - Financial update presented on Sunday, 24 September, 8 and 10:30 a.m.. No specific feedback received. 30 September deficit of expenses over income is $66,580. 2023 income includes Diocesan Synod (Fabric Grant) of $45,000. Unrestricted funds ($60,000) to cover summer cash flow could be returned to unrestricted investment if available at year-end

Administration and Finance - meeting pending

Worship - planning for Christmas upcoming. Server training needs to be planned

Property - several issues have arisen. The Lay-Chair has called a meeting 24 October. Theft of hall furnace exhaust cover was fabricated for replacement and installed with no indication of cost as of yet; east window cover damage, Guild of St. Joseph replaced west door carpeting; cathedral sprinkler system replacement (+/- $175,000) to meet current safety code; hall chair lift out of operation estimated +/- $60,000 repair; security project update; cathedral boiler project; snow removal

Health and Pastoral Care - committee hasn’t met

Mission Outreach - 25 September Monday Outreach - 56 served, volunteers needed for 30 October; 3 Belize Mission scholarships 23/24 to Silvia Trapp, Caleb Martinez and Korey Kelly

Communications - no recent meeting

Christian Formation - meeting scheduled on 19 October

Welcome and Hospitality - Sunday refreshments. Several future events


Monday, 20 November 2023                                                            GMH


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