The Sunday Paper and the Sunday Paper Junior

The Sunday Paper is a new resource at the Cathedral as of the First of Advent 2021!

Each week, check the Quick Links of our regular weekly Friday email for links to current editions (or bookmark these in your web browser for quick access). The content will change each Friday, updated for the upcoming Sunday and prior to sending the email announcing the Sunday bulletin. These can be viewed or downloaded to a device or printed for use at home. (We'll plan on having a few paper copies at the Cathedral on Sundays.)

The Sunday Paper
The Sunday Paper Junior

“The Sunday Paper is informal, whimsical, faithful to Scripture, and in dead earnest.  It is not condescending or cute.  It helps children to acquire a vocabulary of crucial Scriptural images, and to relate the Gospel to the Old Testament, the life of the Church, and their own lives.”

The original SUNDAY PAPER appeals to intermediate through junior high, and presents one lesson (usually the Gospel) as a two-line cartoon; the other readings, and the Psalm, are presented as single vignettes. The lessons are tied together with a short commentary.

THE SUNDAY PAPER JUNIOR is aimed at younger children (preschool through grade 3 or 4). The SUNDAY PAPER JUNIOR features one lesson only, usually the Gospel. THE SUNDAY PAPER JUNIOR offers big, bold artwork, a simple storyline, an activity page designed to stir children's imaginations and spirituality and that requires pencil or crayons only (no glue or scissors) and does not involve word games or other literacy-based activities. THE SUNDAY PAPER JUNIOR can be used in church, nursery, or classroom.

Visit the Sunday Paper website or Facebook page for more information and other resources from many sources for providing formation experiences, especially with children.


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