Tea and Talk

Mother Nature seemed determined to keep our first Thursday Medley Tea at bay as we began the New Year. Storm followed storm in January, and while setting up for the Valentine's Tea on February 6th, the weather, once again, was looking iffy.

But clearly the regular attendees were not about to allow snow flurries to prevent them from coming out to spend time with their friends over a cup of tea and a sweet or two. Then came March and we were fortunate to get our March Tea in before social distancing arrived.

This once a month tea party often draws more than 25 folks including the young and the young at heart!  Serving begins at 2pm and often the group is still going strong as 4pm approaches.

The organizers and servers try to make each month special by decorating with a theme such as Valentine's Day or St. Patrick's Day.  There is always a 'lucky saucer' and a small gift for the one who gets it.  The sweet and savoury treats are abundant and delicious and the tea is piping hot and served in the finest of china cups.

Of course, it will be a while before we will be able to be out and about in groups again.  But while we wait for that to happen, here are some photos of our Medley Tea-ers!   We so look forward to sharing a cup and a chat in person again!

--by Gail McGillivray


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