Art and friendship, one stitch at a time

The Cathedral Quilters meet in the lounge of Cathedral Hall on Tuesday and Thursday mornings to quilt by hand beautiful quilts ranging in size from baby to queen.

Recently, the group of four women have been working on a large mermaid quilt, to be given to two young sisters. They also gifted a lap quilt to Cathedral Sexton Ashley Swim. Ashley, his wife Lana, and their daughter Piper will soon welcome a new baby girl into their home.

In 2021, the Quilters finished a sampler quilt made of spring-hued fabrics of purples and yellows, a lap quilt made in a cat's cradle pattern in turquoise batik and navy background, and a compass rose quilt that had been started by former quilter and Cathedral member Judy Colson and finished by the Quilters after her passing.

Funds raised through quilting services is primarily used to support girls who attend Bishop McAllister College in Uganda.

The Quilters are very skilled and willing to share their knowledge. If you would like to know more about the group or request their handiwork on a project, please contact the Cathedral Office or speak with quilter Jennifer Griffiths.


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