Keith Joyce – My Journey Here

This article about the former Dean of Fredericton (1999-2014), Rev. Keith Joyce, was recently published in the NB Anglican.

By all accounts, the Rev. Keith Joyce’s childhood was one of adventure, culture and world travel. The youngest child of missionaries, his young life included a myriad of moves, schools, languages, Atlantic crossings, provinces and new countries.

Keith was born shortly after his parents were forced to leave China in 1951, where they’d spent 25 years...

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Read the full article, written by Gisele McKnight and published in the January 2023 edition of the NB Anglican.


2 thoughts on “Keith Joyce – My Journey Here

  1. Well Keith, I knew your parents were missionaries but don’t remember hearing you were so well travelled. I had no idea you were still preaching.
    I hope you and Elinor are enjoying Millidgeville. Maybe I will see you guys!

  2. Hello, thank you for publishing this article. It is really a blast from the past. Finding an old classmate from the good old golden days when Rev. Keith Joyce was in Lebanon, 3rd grade (1960) Evangelical Elementary School. Then in in the School of English and Advanced Studies (1968). Looking forward to touch base with him soon.

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