Bishop and Chapter News – March 2023

Bishop and Chapter met on 20 March with members in person and by way of video conference. 12 of 13 members present. Members were asked to read in advance an article from Alban at Duke Divinity SchoolPutting the How Before the What,” Stephen Chapin Garner. Discussion about one church’s experience with a “call-based” approach to leadership, passion and energy for leadership and the importance of putting relationships/community as first priority. What could be identified as a crisis of organizational structure might rather be a crisis of faith. Minutes from a short meeting on 13 February 2023 dealing with the 2023 Budget were adopted.


•   outside Communions (2)
•   committee/group meetings (4)
•   Monday Lenten book study / dropping in on Lenten programs
•   weekly staff meetings
•   Narrative Budget completed and circulated
•   Vacancies
Chapter Property Committee
•   Diocesan Finance Committee (2)
•   Diocesan Council (1)
•   Vacation 11-25 April


• Appointments

- Vice-Chair - nomination to the Bishop needed- Advisory Committee on Appointments - appointed
- Nominating Committee - inquiries for appointment to be made
- Safe Church Officer - Diane Wilkins appointed
- Property Committee - nomination needed for Bishop’s appointment

[for more information see the current Chapter By-Law]

• 2023 Budget - slight discrepancy between Annual Report and Chapter-approved not affecting the bottom line. Motion to correct


  • Treasurer - Financials show a slight surplus having received the grant from the City for summer tour guides. Offerings in January and February slightly below budget. Parish Financial Return due 15 March now submitted.
  • Administration and Finance - helpful update from Envelope Secretary; noted difference in Chapter Budget and Annual adopted version; needs for 23 tour guide programme in view
  • Property - Unexpected Cathedral furnace repairs needed. Early estimated cost $12,000
  • Health and Pastoral Care - Health Ministry has several projects in process: health information session, Medley Tea; on-going: dementia support, Yoga, prayer shawls
  • Mission Outreach - reviewing annual reports and making contact with mission sub-groups and committees (Monday Morning, Belize Missions, Cathedral Missions) Monday Morning Outreach continues monthly with some new support for food contributions
  • Communications - nothing to report
  • Christian Formation - Review of Lenten programming, looking ahead to future. Considering future events on racism, indigenous reconciliation, anti-Semitism
  • Welcome and Hospitality - a committee meeting pending
  • Worship - contacting potential members for servers’ guild


•   Palm Sunday (02 April) Easter (09 April)
•   29 April Diocesan Mothers’ Union Rally / 30 April Ordination


Monday, 15 May 2023                                                                               GMH


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