Bishop and Chapter News – January 2023

Bishop and Chapter met 0n 16 January 2023 by video conference 11 of 13 members present. Members were asked to read in advance “5 Ideas for Managing Your Church Budget in the New ‘Normal’” by Ken Sloane (Discipleship Ministries - United Methodist Church). The “ideas” included: quarterly planning, approaches to past comparisons, recognizing “inflation dollars,” use of technology to making funding the budget more efficient and, study of building assets. Minutes from 12 December 2022 were adopted.


•   a note of thanks was received from Sexton Ashley Swim


•   funerals (2); outside Communions (1)
•   committee/group meetings (3); nominating committee (2); Narrative Budget Team (2); Chapter Executive (1)
•   usual staff meetings weekly
•   Christmas worship attendance: Eve: 187/70/81; Day 16/39
•   Vacancies

Safe Church Officer
Synod substitute (16-35)
Assistant(s) to the Verger
Mission Outreach

•   Diocesan Finance Committee
•   Vacation 11-25 April 2023


Planning Study - Meeting of Bishop and Chapter, diocesan officers and Source Alliance regarding the planning study being conducted over the next several months to determine potential renovation fund-raising


Amendment - minor correction for accuracy to November 2021 minutes
Reception of report - Cathedral Conditions and Issues Report official acceptance
2023 Budget - several issues pertaining to the 2023 budget were discussed and decided. Larger projects can complicate clear communication about giving targets and progress. Consideration of simplifying weekly bulletin updates in 2023 was discussed and may help continue to keep the most important information before us
Annual Meeting - Sunday, 26 February 2023
Investment - movement of some funds for year-end


Treasurer - December was a strong month for offerings with $84,047 enabling us to finish December in a surplus position ($40,368 offering over expenses). Overall offerings year over year down by $38,000. Underspending on maintenance and staffing, finishes 2022 in a slight surplus position
Administration and Finance - work on 2023 budget with the Stewardship Team working on a narrative version; intend return to staff handbook task; thanks to a retiring offering counter team; new team appointed
Property - continuing to deal with critical issues while minimizing expense where possible
Health and Pastoral Care - Health Ministry struggling to determine what events are appropriate under changing circumstances
Nominating - challenges exist regarding nominations for Chapter


•   24 January - Source Alliance, Chapter and Diocese
•   21 February - Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper
•   22 February - Ash Wednesday
•   26 February - Annual Meeting
•   02 April - Palm Sunday


Monday, 13 February 2023                                                                       GMH


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