Encouragement During Trying Times

Our Parish Nurse, Sarah Ecker, offers encouragement and suggestions for wellbeing.

In the cold of January during another round of single household bubbles and reduced contact with family, friends, and community, I just want to send a note of encouragement. You are not alone. Part of maintaining wholistic health is found in taking care of our mental and spiritual wellbeing. Here are a few practical ways to do this:

** Connect with others over phone or video calls - you can even schedule a group chat with some friends on a weekly basis.

** Try to get some sunlight, even if that means pulling up a chair beside the window and pretending to be in a warmer place. On the odd warm day, bundle up and get some fresh air, even if that means opening your windows or sitting outside for a few minutes.

** Make room for your feelings and emotions. Being cooped up is hard, and it is important to recognize when it is making us feel out of sorts. You can use this as an indicator that maybe you should reach out to someone you trust to have a meaningful conversation and connect.

There is no shame in talking about the challenges of these times. We can accept that while we have many things to be thankful for, we can also struggle. Those two concepts can exist together, and accepting reality and finding ways to connect will help us stay mentally and spiritually well until we can all meet again. If you need a person to talk with, please reach out to myself or someone you feel comfortable sharing with. I pray for wellness despite the circumstances for you all.

-- Sarah Ecker - your Parish Nurse


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