Bishop and Chapter News – September 2021

Bishop and Chapter met 13 September 2021 by video conference with 10 of 14 members present. An article by Rich Birch: “5 Mindsets Church Leaders Need to Change Post-COVID” unSeminary, June 2021 was circulated in advance basing a conversation on the return to pandemic green. Minutes of 21 June 2021 were modified slightly and adopted.

From the Dean

•  a list of usual commitments was provided for review
•  vacation 02-29 August
•  diocesan clergy conference 20-22 September - Renforth
•  staff reviews were completed in June
•  currently processing feedback regarding Sunday worship schedule
•  Day of Truth and Reconciliation September 30th
•  Diocesan Synod 06 November 2021


Returning to green - primary current considerations are the Sunday worship schedule moving into the fall. The Dean is listening. While some are quick to count the pandemic past, many others are not. Considerations necessary are many, including our capacity for volunteers, vaccination stats, and several new post-pandemic realities. We’ll strive to proceed cautiously and responsibly with safety in view and in a way that accommodates the comfort level of the majority

Items Arising

Window venting - the project to vent Cathedral stained glass is complete without breakage of the lexan covering at a cost as quoted without breakage

Shared space initiative with the Diocesan Synod - the conversation with Bishop and Synod regarding space needs at memorial hall continues as we attempt to meet needs this fall. With planning consultants finishing this fall, the Synod will be paying per square foot rental for office space


•  Housing First Project - a lengthy discussion to clarify status and risks both financial and otherwise. The current request is to sign project agreements and begin construction. Chapter is concerned about the congregation volunteer base necessary to manage this project, potentially a 20 year commitment. The Executive will take steps to consult with the congregation to determine if we have that capacity

•  Home Communion - that the dean request permission from our Bishop for Kurt Schmidt to administer the reserved sacrament

•  City electrical on the Green - a letter to outline liabilities the Cathedral will give permission at the request to install electricity on the Green on the north side of Queen for seasonal lighting


Treasurer - revenue year over year is down while to August we have continued to meet expenses. Several items of expense are upcoming including: venting of stained glass; sprinkler system repair and resuming the salary of the Parish Nurse.

Health and Pastoral Care - Sarah Ecker began work on 01 September

Mission and Outreach - decision item for Housing First. Monday morning programme has continued one day per month

Property - authorized necessary replacement of valve and compressor for fire suppression sprinkler system $8000-$10,000

Christian Formation - Godly Play and Taizé worship both scheduled to resume this month. Committee meeting next week

Communications - website and social media content possibilities discussed. February 2020 survey results were shared with members of the Chapter


•  Season of Creation (01 September - 04 October)
•  Day of Truth and Reconciliation (30 September)
•  Diocesan Synod (06 September)
•  Next meeting - 18 October                                                                   GMH


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