Cathedral Faces – Isabel Cutler

By Gisele McKnight, NB Anglican Editor

During the Lenten season, we are encouraged to reflect. With that in mind, the ACW of Christ Church Cathedral invited their recently retired parish nurse, Isabel Cutler, to present a reflection on her life.

This is a report from that Feb. 17 meeting — Isabel’s life reflection, not only her comings and goings, but the communities she became a part of, and the warmth and love of Christ she found in the people with whom she has crossed paths.

She entitled her presentation, “The challenge is to be me, with God’s grace – an ongoing life adventure.”

“Lent is a time of reflection,” said Isabel. “We reflect on our lives, so I’ve had this opportunity to pause, reflect on God’s presence in my life and his leading me where he wanted me to be.
“The challenge is to be who God wants me to be.”

Isabel is 69, newly retired after 50 years of nursing. Her final assignment, for the past 10 years, has been as the parish nurse at Christ Church Cathedral.

“The last part of my career was definitely the icing on the cake for me,” she said.

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One thought on “Cathedral Faces – Isabel Cutler

  1. God bless you Isabel in your retirement.

    You were a kind and gentle spirit in ministering to us as new Parishioners at the Cathedral. You permeated a peace which we felt at a time when we needed it.
    Sincerely in Him,

    Ruth Gorlick

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