Syrian Refugee Initiative

Archdeaconry of Fredericton

Approximately 4.6 million Syrians have fled the country as refugees to escape the violence of civil war. More than half of these refugees are children. While the majority of refugees are fleeing to surrounding countries, these resources are limited and cannot accommodate the need. Our Canadian government has stepped up to help thousands of struggling Syrian refugees, and many community groups have come forward to help.

The Cathedral is applying to sponsor a Syrian refugee family, with the help of 10 other Anglican parishes within the Greater Fredericton region. As sponsors, we will be responsible for supporting our refugee family for one year.

Together, we are raising the funds necessary to financially support the family, with some government assistance.

Along with the Multicultural Association of Fredericton, we are preparing for the family’s arrival. We will need volunteers who are willing to provide social support to our family, upon their arrival in Fredericton and throughout the one-year sponsorship.

We are looking for passionate, dedicated volunteers to sit on our Anglican Refugee Sponsorship committee and give of their time and expertise for this incredibly important initiative. As a committee member, you can volunteer to aid the family in one of the following categories:
• Accommodations – search for affordable, practical rental accommodations near a city transit route
• Furnishings and household items – look for furniture and keep a record of what is available through donations
• Education/Language Training – register children in school, help with using the school bus, arrange for language training for all ages
• Food – organize a “church shower” with a planned list of suggested donations; assist with grocery shopping
• Medical – set up family with doctor, dentist, and other medical needs
• Transportation – show how to acquire and use bus passes, review bus schedules, drive family to appointments
• Documentation – assist family in completing documentation (SIN, Medicare, Child Tax Benefit, etc.)
• Social – aid in the transition of our refugee family into Canadian/Fredericton society
• Interpretation – please inform us of any Arabic speakers in the parish who could help communicate with the family
• Secretary – write and distribute meeting minutes
• Personal finances – help family with banking and budgeting

We do not need large numbers of volunteers for each category, but we do need dedicated people! If you are willing and able to join our Anglican Refugee Sponsorship committee, please contact:

Kelly Humber Kelly
<humberk at> (506) 262-5101 16/02/21


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