News from St. Hilda’s Anglican School in Belize

We received this letter from Ms. Jane Martinez, the Principal of St. Hilda's Anglican School. It's wonderful to hear about our friends in Belize. Please keep the teachers, students and their families in your prayers.

Greetings Kelley,

It's so wonderful to hear from you.

We started off the school year with major challenges because I had three teachers out and no replacement. I had to go into the classroom until the end of November and the management shuffled teachers from other schools so I could have gotten some assistance. With all the challenges, our first part of the year went well. Our enrollment went up and we have a feeding program in place for an average of 50 children daily.

We are planning to get our playground and fencing project for the preschool going this year.

Thanks so much for thinking of us and for the continued support. Here's a video of our children showcasing activities for the first term.

Love and appreciate you all. I pray that this year will be a blessed one.



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