Godly Play – fall report

Godly Play at the Cathedral was certainly active this past fall!

Our circle of Godly Players -- children between the ages of 5 and 12 -- have gathered together eight times since September, and explored stories regarding the Circle of the Church Year, Creation, the Great Family, the Exodus, the Ten Best Ways (the GP version of the Ten Commandments), the Ark and the Tent, and the weeks and themes of Advent.

Our children wondered and worked imaginatively with these stories -- and shared a 'feast' together after each one, too.

Our two Cathedral storytellers, Cheryl and Kurt, were mightily impressed with the faithfulness and interest demonstrated by the children. What's more, they are excited to welcome at least two more adult Doorpersons to the Godly Play roster early in 2024.

For more information about Godly Play at the Cathedral, and/or to connect a child or children who might be interested in joining, please contact Kurt Schmidt. Email <formation at christchurchcathedral.com>.

Read more about Godly Play.


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