Cathedral Sunday intercessors meet

PrayerThose who lead Sunday intercessions gathered on Tuesday, November 7th with Deacon Isabel Cutler to discuss and share resources used in this ministry of prayer.

An invitation had been made to others with interest in joining the team which is comprised of about 12 individuals. Assignments are currently determined by way of the Cathedral Signup for worship and all were encouraged to sign up well in advance to facilitate planning and to make opportunities open to all who participate.

Prayer leaders facilitate the prayers of the congregation and encourage all who worship to be actively involved in the process by offering their intentions and petitions in silence or aloud reflecting their own need and those known to them. While there are several categories often routinely addressed like: prayers for the church, the world, the ill, those who have died and those who mourn, it's not necessary, possible or preferred to pray for "every thing or every body every time." The main goal is to assist the assembly in its corporate prayer.

Among topics of discussion were Anglican "models" of prayer, preparation time, pros and cons of extemporaneous vs formula prayers, the context of the day's scripture or season, the value of diversity, style and content, the need to be cautious with politically-loaded opinions, instructing God about how to behave, and resisting preaching through prayer. The usual or most common categories included in the Sunday intercessions or prayers of the people were identified.

Attendees were also encouraged to offer resources they have found helpful in preparation. Among were many that can be found online including:

Several books in print were briefly discussed noting that many are available at a reasonable cost by way of a web search of the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) number which often discovers items on sale or used book sources as well as affordable e-book options.

If you're interested in this ministry your welcome and encouraged to content Isabel Cutler or the Dean to explore. Mentoring or tutoring can be arranged to assist in becoming an intercessor.



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