Cathedral Faces: Deacon Isabel Cutler

In a letter dated 10 August, 2023, our Bishop has answered a request made by the Dean and the Bishop and Chapter to appoint Isabel Cutler deacon at Christ Church Cathedral. Our congratulations to Isabel and we look forward to having her once again part of the ministry team.

Isabel Cutler was ordained to Holy Orders as a Deacon in the Diocese of Western Newfoundland in July 2019. She and her husband Nathan, who was ordained to the Priesthood in August 2019, served in the Parish of Isle aux Mort, Margaree, FoxRoose on the southwest coast of Newfoundland for two years. This was a miraculous gift for Isabel, after a lifetime of serving Our Lord Jesus in a Lay capacity for most of her life.

Born, raised and educated in the UK, Isabel is aware of the strong Christian influence of her parents; the hospital environment and care of patients she lived alongside; the Anglo Catholic school she attended run by the Community of All Hallows; and the positive vocational attitude towards nursing as she did her general nurse training at St. George’s Hospital, London UK. In 1972 Isabel, armed with her State Registered Nurse, Midwifery and Public Health certificates and two years work experience, came for one year to work as a Public Health Nurse with the International Grenfell Association in St. Anthony, Newfoundland.

She met Nathan and they married in 1974 and had 47 happy years together. They welcomed Jenny, Andrew and Nicholas in quick succession and Isabel is very blessed to have six grandchildren. Fifteen years living in various parts of NL and then 30 years in Fredericton, NB with two years in the UK attending St. John’s College Nottingham where Isabel was able to audit theology courses alongside Nathan. All were times of formation of Isabel’s spiritual life especially in Fredericton. Always a member of Christ Church Cathedral, a longtime member of Mother’s Union, three times member of Bishop and Chapter, Chair of the Missions and Christian Education and Spiritual Growth Committees and then instrumental in starting, alongside a very positive team, the Health Ministry. Isabel held the first Parish Nurse position 2005-2015 while initially still employed as a Labour and Delivery nurse and with the Victorian Order of Nurses.

Isabel completed the Parish Nursing training programme in 2007. Both Isabel and Nathan went to “ACPO” and were accepted as Postulants for Ordination to the Priesthood. Isabel feels very blessed to have so many rich opportunities to have a close relationship with Jesus, through Cathedral and Diocesan programmes, spiritual direction for 25 years and through bible study and the diversity of worship.

It is now two years since Nathan died so very unexpectedly. Isabel is back in Fredericton near her sons and grandchildren whom she loves to spend time with. She likes to paint watercolours and to read, but time runs away! She feels very blessed in having her family close by and also loving friends. God is a God of Surprises as she realizes, at nearly 77 years old, He still has something for her to do as a Deacon. As Nathan used to say, “Life is Wonderful and Full of Wonder”. Alleluia.

- submitted by Isabel Cutler

In 2016, Isabel was featured in the NB Anglican, in an article written by Gisele McKnight. It highlights Isabel's presentation to the Anglican Church Women (ACW), reflecting on the people and places that have made an impact on her life. Read the article.


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