Bishop and Chapter News – September 2019

Bishop and Chapter met on Monday, 16 September 2019 with ten of a usual twelve members present. Minutes of the 17 June were adopted with two explanatory addenda. The Dean led a brief conversation on the article “How I lead from the middle” by Natasha Jamison Gadson (Faith and Leadership).

Correspondence - letter of thanks from Hank Williams

Business Arising

Letters - of appreciation were sent to Hank Williams, Norma Jean Belyea and Nathan Cutler

From the Dean

A usual report of activities and commitments including attendance at General Synod, 09-17 July and two weeks of vacation in August.


Records Management Policy - a final draft presented with thanks to Marion Beyea and others who have worked on this project. The policy and its schedules create a framework and direction to staff and leaders regarding records retention and filing

August gift - a gift of $41,670 has been received. $15,000 directed to organ restoration. The remaining $26,670 to be held as investment until a decision is made on its use at year end. Letter of thanks to be sent.

Steeple repair - Property Committee to pursue a potentially costly repair on the steeple (could be up to $20,000)

Stewardship - initiative during October/November including a Tithing “demonstration” Sunday, 03 November was endorsed by the Chapter


Calathumpians partnership - the Cathedral has been approached about rental of space in the lower floor of the Hall. Memorandum of Understanding will be prepared for consideration in October. With general agreement to the idea, a variety of details was discussed, including the need to consult with our Safe Church Officer. J. Morell and S. Dibblee will meet with Peter Pacey to move this forward


Treasurer - June to August income for operations: $124.191. Expenses: $144,108 increasing our operating deficit to 31 August to $73,986.

Health and Pastoral Care - several regular programmes have begun the fall. Health information session up=coming in October. K. Snow will be away 19 September - 03 October.

Property - Odell House sale complete, funds to be invested with interest towards clergy accomodation costs. On our green, two trees need to be removed and others to be trimmed the City. Steeple repair pending could be a significant cost but will be executed

Hospitality and Welcome - June Picnic and Pies and September corn boil were successful events. Thanks to all who assisted. Scheduled welcomers at Sunday worship times still needed. Training available

Administration and Finance - Records Management Policy presented and adopted. Stewardship Team (Mike Toole, Chair) proposing an emphasis on stewardship education during October and November.

Christian Formation - the recent meeting reviewed start-up dates for programmes. ALPHA begins 25 September. Godly Play 22 September

Communications - the usual communications plan to invite our neighbours was followed for the June and September events. Items of interest to tourists were sold again during the summer with some profit realized. Writers and photographers always welcome to cover cathedral activities and events

Mission and Outreach - Monday drop-ins resumed following specific summer dates. Housing First home construction anticipated by spring. The Cathedral is represented on the new CivicTech Caring Calendar


• 21 September - 8:30 a.m. Breakfast
• 23 October - 7:00 p.m. Fredericton Greater Chapter
• 03 November - Tithing “demonstration” Sunday

Next meetings:    21 October; 18 November; 16 December                 GMH


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