General Synod meets in July 2019

Anglican Church of CanadaDid you know that beyond the highly visible issues being considered at General Synod this year are many more less visible but significant ones?

Some of these are the resulting reports from the enormous body of work done over several years in many areas of church life.

  • Response to the “Iona Report” is progress towards a unified vision of the ministry of vocational Deacons.
  • Many liturgical texts have been in trial use, including alternative collects, rites of gathering and confession, daily prayer and others.
  • Material supporting the Catechumenate (those preparing for initiation by way of baptism or confirmation) include liturgical rites for presentation and the welcome of inquirers, families and their children into the Church.
  • Motions will be put to receive responses to “A Common Word Between Us” laying foundations for the relationship between Christians and Muslims.

All material is available at the General Synod website



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