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Junior Choristers
Children from the age of 8 are able to attend Choir School, with the consent of a parent or guardian (they must turn eight by the end of the current year). Overnight accommodations usually consist of two people per room, in the dormitory-styled residence buildings. The days are very busy, so we encourage parents who are unsure about what is involved to contact the Administrative Director. A typical day begins at 7:45, and ends at 9:00pm, and includes chapel services, several rehearsals, classroom time, recreation, meals (of course!), an early afternoon rest period, and some free time.

Arrival time on the first day is between 3:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. on Sunday afternoon with supper at 5:30. Please come to the Dining Hall to register (follow the signs). For the benefit of all choristers, please do not send cell phones as it can create problems for those who are homesick, and others around them. Any cell phones found will be confiscated until the end of the week.

Thursday evening, we offer a Choral Evensong service at a parish church, to which all are invited. The last Sunday afternoon, at 3:30, is our final Choral Evensong service. Family and friends are encouraged to attend this service, which takes place at a large church or cathedral, children can then be picked up after the service. This service is very well attended.

recreation, chapel worship services, rest time, and special fun activities

Choir School’s finest daily paper provides vital information about... uh, nothing, but it’s fun to read each day.

For best seating, please arrive at the church just after 3:00pm, when the choirs finishes its rehearsal.

Adult Choristers
Adults who are attending Choir School are encouraged to come to the Thursday night Evensong service. From there, you can go directly to RNS (Rothesay Netherwood School) where you can settle into a room at Kirk House, on the RNS campus. registration takes place the following morning after breakfast at the Dining Hall. Some adults, however, are only able to join us on Friday, which is OK, too!

Choir SchoolChoir School takes place every year in the first full week of July on the beautiful campus of Rothesay-Netherwood private school. Some stay in the residence buildings, while local choristers sometimes live at home, and come for the full day of activities. Each day is very full, and sleep becomes a rather precious thing by the end of the week. Through the week, the chorister's day is filled with choir rehearsals, a classroom session of Christian Education, Christian culture, as well as recreation, chapel worship services, rest time, and special fun activities.

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