You’re invited!

On Sunday, 04 June 2017, the Cathedral plans to go out of doors.  Celebrating Pentecost (once well known in Anglican circles as Whitsunday), and the coming of the Holy Spirit on the Church, the plan is that it will happen outside of the west doors.

“Its an opportunity for us to go outside of the church walls,” said Dean Geoffrey Hall. “The Spirit is a gift for the world, not just those of us who worship within church walls. With an informal BBQ on the Cathedral Green, going outside will perhaps extend a more open invitation, especially to our neighbours. We all have an inherent need to give thanks for the gift of the Holy Spirit.”

… our going outside will perhaps extend a more open invitation …

The celebration of the Eucharist is being titled a “Neighbourhood Eucharist.” Regardless of religious faith or Christian denomination, all are warmly invited to join us.

“The Cathedral is a church of the City for the City,” said Dean Hall. “While no one will be required to participate in Communion, at the least, a hot dog and some popcorn will be available for everyone.”

On Wednesday, door hanger invitations were delivered to the neighbourhood. While the invitation is open throughout the year, Pentecost is a special Sunday for the Church.

If weather is less than favourable, worship will move inside the Cathedral and the food following will be in the Memorial Hall.


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