Bishop of Qu’Appelle – Living the Mission Ride

Bishop Rob Hardwick, (Bishop's Blog) Bishop of the Diocese of Qu'Appelle will ride across Canada as part of the diocese's "Living the Mission" campaign. The Bishop's Ride will begin in Victoria BC on 19 May. The Bishop will be riding through New Brunswick during July. Plans are underway to welcome him to the Diocese of Fredericton as his itinerary includes stops in the Parishes of Madawaska (Edmunston), Wicklow, Wilmot, Peel and Aberdeen, (Florenceville), Fredericton (Fredericton City parishes) and Salisbury and Havelock (Peticodiac).

Come join us at the Cathedral on Sunday, 15 July at 4:00 p.m. for informal worship and a BBQ!

Did you know?

The Trans-Canada Highway is the longest highway in the world, stretching from St. John’s NF to Victoria BC. Both cities consider themselves the starting point; journalist Walter Stewart once observed it is the only road on which you can drive (or cycle) 7,714 km just to get back to the beginning again.

The highest point on the Trans Canada Highway 1643 meters (5390 feet) is actually near the Parks Bridge by Golden BC." Irrespective, it will be a challenge!

The Bishop asks us to follow, pray, cycle with him, and /or donate.

... to do something that is going to impact the lives of many people will be the achievement ...

"It will be a great personal accomplishment to cycle over 7,800 kms" says Bishop Hardwick. "But to do something that is going to impact the lives of many people will be the greater achievement."

Hardwick Jersey

Bishop Hardwick receives a jersey at the House of Bishops

"Even now when the training sessions get tough, I think of those who will be helped by our financial and prayerful support on this ride: the medical center we are building in Burundi, money to begin a self-determining indigenous church within The Anglican Church of Canada, Habitat for Humanity Regina, and continued funding for mission and ministry initiatives within the Diocese of Qu'Appelle.

"Together we have an opportunity to something that will truly make a significant difference. Thank you for your support."

Follow the Bishop on the Bishop's Ride page on the Diocese of Qu'Appelle web site.
Visit the Bishop's Ride Facebook page

Bishop Rob Hardwick

Living the MissionFaithful and loving God, you call us to be disciples of your Son
and co-creators in your mission.
Open our minds and hearts to a greater awareness and deeper
appreciation of your countless blessings.
Transform us through the power of your Spirit
to enable a way of life marked by faith-filled prayer;
to equip congregations for mission and ministry;
and to engage all in outreach and in the generous sharing of our faith.
Bless the Living the Mission campaign with a deepening devotion to prayer,
a growing commitment to service, and an increased level of generosity
as we work together to advance the mission of every parish in our diocese,
through Jesus Christ, our Saviour and Lord.


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