Letter from Belize

Greetings my friends,

I pray that the blessings of this season be yours as we continue to celebrate God’s greatest gift to us. My time at St.Hilda’s has been a blessing thus far. I have seen God’s handiwork in the events that have occurred and the friendships I have made. As I had said before, your interest and dedication to St.Hilda’s is highly appreciated. After evaluating what we have accomplished for the first term, I can see growth in our relationship among staff and students and parents and staff.

Your blessing this school year has touched many lives. Our teachers have materials to work with, our children can be more comfortable in class having the things needed at their fingertips.

Please inform your board and church members that we are blessed by your contribution. Any amount of finance is a blessing to us at this point. It’s not easy managing a school and depending on financing from parents because most of them don’t have money to contribute. Most of our finances come from fund-raising drives and the donations that you send. We try our best to address the most urgent needs then attend to others.

This coming term, we will be making other necessary repairs to classrooms since we couldn’t do them before due to rainy weather. There are some classrooms that are very hot also so I will be buying fans to put in those classes. We are moving along slowly but surely. With God’s help, we will have a productive school year.I have sent a summary of the account that you sent us. I will be scanning the other receipts to send you when school reopens next week because they are at school. I just thought you might need a summary so you know how the money is being used. When school reopens I will be purchasing other supplies for the teachers and any other needs for the classrooms.

I look forward to seeing you all soon. God knows best! Be blessed and continue doing a wonderful job. Many lives are touched by your ministry. Have a blessed New Year. May God’s favor rest on you all.

Best Regards,
Jane Martinez
Principal, St. Hilda’s School


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