Life Lessons, Pythagorean Theorem, and Song for Rebecca

Each day, we are busy doing a variety of teaching activities with the children, supporting the excellent teachers. Today included: checking students’ answers to a Pythagorean theorem word problem, playing “Simon Says”,  watching our team (St Hilda’s) boys and girls from standard five (grade seven) play in a volleyball tournament, playing active games with a parachute, playing Frogger (an elimination game where the leader tries to guess who is the frog), letter writing to Fredericton children, encouraging the teachers, taking over a class for a few minutes, giving life advice to separate groups of standard six boys and girls, and many other activities.

I have been very impressed with the flexibility and passion shown by my mission team mates. The team arrived with a variety of teaching experiences, but now everyone sounds like a seasoned educator. I love that.

My favorite moment today was when I was working with three students from standard six (grade 8), and one girl asked to sing a song. It was a nice break from reviewing basic math, and brainstorming for writing stories. I assumed that she wanted to sing a pop song. As she quietly and softly sang, I realized that she had written the song for Rebecca. I was moved that she felt connected enough to Rebecca to write a song for her.

Ms. Beverly meets Beverly







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