Newest Scholarship Student: Jenniah Tillett

July 4, 2018

Dear Ms. Rebecca,

My name is Jenniah Tillett.  I am thirteen years old.  I live with my grandmother and grandfather who are my guardians.  I started to live with my grandparents because of my mom’s death last year.  I use to live in Stann Creek district with my mother and my three brothers and three sisters.  When she died, we all had to be separated from each other.  Two of my brothers went to live with my grandparents from my mom’s side, and my two brother’s and I went to live with an aunt.  We had a hard time living there because my aunt already had three daughters and only my uncle was working.  What he made was not enough to take care of the whole family so my aunt called my grandma and asked her if she could take us in.  She agreed so we packed up our things and moved to Georgeville Village where I began attending school at Saint Hilda’s Anglican School.

I received the highest score on the National Primary School Examination here at Saint Hilda’s Anglican.  I worked really hard and made sure that I did the right things that I know my mom would want me to do. Receiving this scholarship is the greatest gift of my life.  Life has always been hard and this scholarship is my only opportunity to attend high school.  My two older brothers didn’t get the chance. They graduated from primary school and are at home because we can’t afford high school fees.  I am grateful to your church for this blessing and I will work extra hard to make you proud as well as my mom in heaven.

I have been accepted at Eden High School where I will work the hardest I can.  Please write back.  I will be waiting on to hear about you.

Sincerely Yours,

Jenniah Tillett

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