Overcoming Challenges: Jocelyn Herrera

July 4, 2018

Dear Ms. Rebecca,

Hope you are doing well.  I am writing this letter to share with you some fun things I did for this school year.  My school year has been fun and I learnt so many things and did so many wonderful activities.  My greatest challenge was in math when we learned about angles.  I stayed back for many extra hours practicing angles so I could become good at identifying and calculating them. Another challenge came in my sewing class where we were asked from time to time to bring in materials.  At times my parents couldn’t afford the materials because for us, even an extra $20 is too much.  I managed to pass however and I’m so thankful to my parents who have struggled through and supported me, alone with your help and prayers, to finish off my first year of high school.

 I am grateful for your help because you are giving me the opportunity to have an education and be someone great one day.  That’s the reason I am working extra hard at everything because I don’t want to waste the opportunity.

For this summer I am planning on visiting a few family members as well as studying and preparing for the new school year.  I am challenging myself to work hard so that I can maintain an A and get exempted from all exams next year (at Eden we don’t need to take exams if we are passing with an A).  Education has made my life better because I am learning things I thought I would never learn.

I did not make many friends mainly because I like to stick to myself but yes, I made approximately four new friends.  I wish for the best for you and may God continue to shower you and your church with blessings in a wonderful way.

Best Wishes,

Jocelyn Herrera

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