A Day of Good Byes

Today was a very busy, but interesting day. There was a cultural day at St. Hilda’s, which celebrated East-Indian and Mayan cultures, and we organized fun reading and math activities for the kids. Also, we said our good byes to the students and teachers, shedding a few tears.

Below are photos of children dressed up in clothing from a variety of cultures, a photo of the mission team with the excellent teachers and principal at St. Hilda’s Anglican School, a photo of just the teachers, the beautiful thank you card that the teachers made for us,  the displays focusing on East-Indian culture, and a mission team photo at Oasis Ministry.










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  1. Great to see and hear that everything went so well. Makes us kind of “homesick” for St. Hilda’s. 🙂
    Thanks for taking time to post the audio and video.
    Have a safe trip back home. It’s -19C here today but it’s sunny!

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