A word from Rev. Canon Paul Jeffries in Uganda

Snow flurries in May doesn't sound good at all.
Yes, I'm going be N.B. In September and October, and would love an opportunity to visit the Cathedral. 
We have just closed for end of first term. It was busy and hectic as usual. We experienced a growth spurt this year of about 20%. This came as a result of parents becoming aware of our consistent academic performance and affordable fees. On one hand that was great , but the other hand it strained our ability to house everyone, and provide them with beds abets and desks . But we have made some good progress.
Of course we never really close. Five members of the chess club (started by a teenager from Sackville last summer) will participate in a chess tournament this weekend in Kamapala. The soccer team has qualified for national competitions and will travel to north east Uganda for 1-2 weeks depending on how well they play. And theological students report on Monday. So lots to keep us busy until 2nd term begins in early June.

God bless! 

REMINDER: The annual Country and Bluegrass Gospel Show in support of Rev. Paul Jeffries and Bishop McAllister College is this Saturday, June 4 @ 7:30pm!
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  1. Hello Paul,It sounds like a busy productive place! My name is Debora Kantor and I am presently the Family /Youth Ministry Coordinator for the Parish of Cambridge and Waterborough in Diocese of Fredericton. We are now planning our VBS for the end of August and we are recycling a program called Baobab Blast from Augsburg Press: God’s Great Get-Together. It is set in the African savannah.I would love to have a real connection for our Mission component and wondered if you would partner with us on that. The environment is centred around the baobab tree!!

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