The north transept is almost completely filled with the organ works, although other parts of the organ are also found in the choir and the south transept (The Chapel).

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The Organ

A quick walk through this area reveals only a panelled corridor connecting the choir, the nave, and the vestry. The beauty of the organ is seen from outside, and heard from throughout the Cathedral. Yet, here in the North Transept resides one of the Cathedral's best kept secrets...

 Organ pipes in the North Transept

The main organ works are found above the ceiling of the north transept. Few visitors ever see the thousands of pipes squeezed into this high chamber. Ranging from a few centimeters to over five meters tall, these pipes of wood and metal must be individually hand built and hand tuned.

The organ is played from a console located in the choir, while other essential parts are located in the chapel, on the opposite side of the building.

 More About the Organ

A Cathedral Fact... - What is a Transept?

The floorplan of the cathedral resembles a cross stretching the length of the building.

The word transept is from the Latin transseptum meaning transverse room, since the transepts form the cross arm of the cathedral plan.

Thus, the organ works occupy the "north transept", while the "south transept" hosts the Lady Chapel.