Letter from St. Hilda’s School in Belize

The following is a recent letter sent to Beverly Morell by Ms. Jane Martinez, the principal of St. Hilda’s School, in Belize.

Greetings Mrs. Bev,

I am glad to hear that the fundraising was a success. Your donations are what makes it possible for us to provide materials needed for the classrooms and other school improvement. There has been many changes through God’s blessings. We are working on making our school environment more child-friendly and welcoming. Our children have come a long way in respecting the school property and taking ownership for what we have. 
It was a wonderful experience making the video. It gives people an opportunity to see the success of their investment. I am also looking forward to seeing you on your next visit. Hopefully, it will be soon. We have already bought some school supplies for teachers. We have also made costumes for our children for the annual Festival of Arts. The competition was held today and we won two gold certificates and one silver ! Yeah!!! The groups that got the gold will represent the school at Golden Awards night in May. I will be sending pictures to you as soon as Mrs. Bennett emails them to me.
I thank you for your continued support. Greet your family and church family on our behalf.
Posted in Belize.

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