Newcomer Family Visits Stanley

The following is a note from Archdeacon Patrica Drummond regarding a recent visit by the Weah-Gmah family to the Parish of Stanley.

We attended the service in Stanley this morning – Anglicanism at its most informal. The Parish of Stanley has been a strong supporter of our family.The service was in the basement hall, with the congregation sitting in a circle and was followed by a delicious pot luck lunch. Two men carried Esther down into the basement on a chair.  

Everyone was most welcoming and there was even a birthday cake for Phillip – his second –  as many of us gathered at the apartment on the actual date (the 15th). Arene did not attend as he was very tired after dancing up a storm at until after 10 Africa Night at UNB last night.
The Rev’d Canon Bonnie LeBlanc welcomed us and Pat and Phillip both spoke to thank the Parish.  Phillip was given a  most generous gift certificate for groceries, and the family took home the remains of the cake and donuts.
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