A word of thanks from Amieka Myers in Belize

The following letter was sent to Beverly Morell by Amieka Myers. Amieka is the college student supported financially and in prayer by donors from our Cathedral church.  She is a graduate of St. Hilda’s School in Georgeville where we have sent mission teams to serve over the years.  During her high school years, Amieka was also supported by our church by donors to the High School Scholarship Fund established by the 2010 team which was in Georgeville.

Please continue to pray for Amieka as she enters her final year of school.  As you can tell from her letter, she is most grateful for our making it possible for her to earn a university education, which is an outstanding achievement for a student from St. Hilda’s Elementary School.

Hello Miss Bev, 

Summer classes were tiresome, and nearly took over my entire summer. I haven’t received grades as yet until this week’s Wednesday. I feel so relieved that Mr. Palma took a pinch and told you my marks are good. This is the first summer I did so much homeworks and studying for tests and quizzes. I’m glad it’s all over, and feeling accomplished for wiping two more subjects off my course sequence. My mother is proud indeed, and without a doubt,  I know you guys are as well. 

Thank you for informing me that my fees are covered. I’m grateful, and anxious to begin the new semester.  It’s correct, I’m taking five(5) classes this semester(Aug-Dec 2016), which will leave me with six courses for next semester(Jan-May 2017). I will be completing my program in 2017 with my final courses, I’m confident of that. I will keep my commitment to completing my studies in June 2017, as you guys are keeping your end of the commitment in assisting me.

For my upcoming semester, I will be using some text books due to the major courses I’m taking. However, I will still try my best to seek electronic copies because they’re much easier to carry and free of costs. 

I’m thankful for all your prayers and support. I’m lost for words at times to express my gratitude because it means so much to me and my family. Please continue to pray for me. THANK YOU so much my Canadian friends,  I hope and pray that God shower your homes with the same blessing you guys are showering my home with. Continue to pray for me, as I continue to pray for you guys. I will works hard as I can in my upcoming semester, there is no doubt. I’m determine to succeed.  

Amieka Myers
God Bless

Posted in Belize.

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