Building Relationships

Today was all about building relationships, building new ones or renewing deep-rooted ones.

Here are some photos of our time today, spent working with students and getting to know teachers and Ms. Jane.

Faye Vega and her son (family of Paul Jones, graduating student of the Cathedral Scholarship Program.)

Jim and Beverly with Amieka and Anfernee, graduates of the Cathedral Scholarship Program.

Paul Jones’ photo, which was given to Beverly, along with a thank you note from his mother. Paul is a Cathedral Scholarship student, who’s ready to graduate from high school this spring.



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  1. Thanks for the pictures! We would love to hear more details about what you are doing and who are in the pictures with you 🙂

    • Hi Brad, You are quite right. There will be more details and names added to pictures, as I work through some challenges. 🙂

    • Hi Bonnie, I am glad that you like the pictures. We have been ‘enjoying’ lots of rain. It is much warmer than Fredericton of course, but we are wearing jackets and sweaters here. lol.

  2. Loved hearing about the wonderful relationships you are building with the children and teaching staff at St. Hilda’s. Love is all around for sure. ❤️

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