Bishop and Chapter News – May 2020

Bishop and Chapter met 20 April 2020 by video conference with 11 of 14 members present. The Dean shared chapter summaries from “God Is Indestructible: 12 Responses to the Relevance Crisis of Christianity” (Christian Schwarz -Natural Church Development). One of the most common claims is that Christianity has become “irrelevant.” Invitation to virtual group study with the Dean during Thy Kingdom Come (21-31 May 2020). Minutes of 20 April 2020 were adopted.

Business Arising

  • 10 am refreshments (Worship and Hospitality) - no development
  • Project 2045 - pandemic isolation has prevented progress
  • Housing First land transfer - moving toward completion
  • Committee detailed budgets - discussion regarding how much “detail” - current coded line items in the financial statement
  • Staff payroll - to continue, monitored by Executive

From the Dean

Staff continues to work as possible remotely with the exception of Fran and Lou who are engaging in some work on-site and behind locked doors. The Dean regretfully received a letter from Fran Miles notifying of her intention to retire as of 30 June 2020. VOIP phone and photocopier installed. The need for an operational plan for re-opening will require a task group. Phone visits, Sunday worship and sermons streamed and podcasted, daily offices, meetings of staff and several committees have met virtually. Diocesan work continues including meetings of bishop and clergy regarding reopening plans. Invitation to the congregation to study “God Is Indestructible.”


Restoration Fund By-law - adopted. Directs the purpose and use of funds given in trust for the purpose of Cathedral “restoration.”

Pandemic Operational Plan -Using a diocesan template and guided by NB Public Health a working group to be assembled (membership recommended) to consider the many aspects of a gradual reopening.

Insurance - May renewal on the Diocesan programme (25% savings)

Office Administrator - group to consider process, timing and details re staff vacancy. Need to organize thanks to Fran for many years of faithful ministry and service was recognized


Treasurer - Offerings holding up, but need continued encouragement. Expenses lower. Waiting word on our application for Apr-May-June federal wage subsidy. Monthly projections to end of July look OK. Cashflow needs to be closely monitored. Decisions may be needed

Property - recent contact with members addressing needs ad hoc including securing the outside mail slot. Waxing of floors in process

Communication - Issue #3 of Cathedral Connections published with a next issue in a week or so. Attention to social media/website

Welcome and Hospitality - potentially a role in planning our formal thanks to Fran Miles. Activities considered during re-opening

Health and Pastoral Care - the ministry continues with regular contact with isolated individuals and support where possible. The Dean visits by phone. Communion not yet available

Worship - will contribute to operational plan regarding re-opening from pandemic restrictions. Music Group recording session last week.

Christian Formation - virtual Taizé continues to end of May. Some virtual fatigue may be realized. Faith Alive planning a last teaching session

Mission and Outreach - S. Mayo announced military deployment July-December. Others will oversee areas of ministry while he is away. Outreach vouchers distributed on the last Monday of the month.

Finance and Administration - Phone and photocopier. Restoration by-law. Insurance review. Future agenda - staff vacancy, narrative budget, 2020 financial review engagement recommendation follow up


Ascension Day (21 May) Thy Kingdom Come (21-31 May), Pentecost

Next Meetings

• 15 June 2020, 20 July, 24 August, 21 September



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