Cutler Notes – 05 August 2019

05 August 2019

A very special night last night. I have attached a few pictures. I am trusting that the whirlwind may now be over and we can settle down to move forward with the ministry of the Church. I want to say with all sincerity a "huge thank you" from my heart for the prayers and support from the Cathedral family and friends. We are both very happy here in Isle Aux Morts and will keep in touch with you all. Until the next time. Much Love


29 July 2019

[The ordination as deacons] all went so peacefully and was so spirit filled and I will send pics as soon as I find the laptop. We just arrived in IaM after a lovely free day with Andrew ad Nicholas yesterday. It was so nice to have Leith too,she kept us on an even keel beforehand when we were a bag of nerves. Once the service started it all went so well.

It is so beautiful here this evening warm 25 and no wind.

The Bishops sermon was quite lovely!


20 July 2019

[Editor] We received this note from Isabel and Nathan Cutler. Of course, we're eager to hear about where they are and what's happening. The photos are a bonus!

Hello  some of our Friends and Family,

It  has been quite a very busy time  since leaving Fredericton just 2 weeks ago -- some of you may wonder if we made it here or fallen off the earth  😉

We are staying with my twin brother Norman (Priest with Western NL) and his wife Marguerite in the Robinson's. We have had an incredible time with visiting the Parish in Isle Aux Morts which is on the South Coast -- gone 4 times to unpack and set up house. We will move there  sometime after July 25th when we will be made Deacons at the Cathedral in Corner Brook. We will stay in Corner Brook all of next week and we are delighted Nicholas, Andrew and Leith, plus many of my extended family will be at the service.

I (Nathan) will be consecrated as Priest at the Church of the "Holy Spirit" at -- Isle Aux Morts -- at 7 pm on August 4th -- after which duties will start.

Under Norman we have (Isabel and I) participated in a Committal, Baptism, a Flower service, Hymn sing and prayers at a Seniors' Home in Stephenville and tomorrow another Baptism along with 2 receptions, etc etc.

Keep us in your thoughts and Prayers especially on Thursday July 25th at 7 pm (Deacons) and August 4th at 7 pm (Nathan Priesthood) -- maybe Geoff you could include us in CCC prayers the Sunday  prior to July 25th and on the Sunday of Aug 4th. Attached are a couple of pictures of where we will be after July 30th. Much Love.

Nathan and Isabel

I just noticed the IAM -- in this case it stands for "Isle Aux Morts."

The view of the sea is taken from our front door ... wow.


4 thoughts on “Cutler Notes – 05 August 2019

  1. So excited for both of you and look forward to seeing you on the 25th. As per Norman, we will pop in to see your new digs on our way to the ferry on Monday, the 29th. Best wishes and lots of love. Mary & Noel

  2. And I was so hoping to have you for neighbours:(. Oh well, I will get over it and IaM is lucky to have you:)

  3. Lovely pictures! Congratulations on your ordination as a deacon – what a surprise!
    Wishing you all the best.
    Jan Max and Rita Bonga

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