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At its March meeting, Bishop and Chapter appointed Nathan Cutler to the role of Safe Church Officer at Christ Church Cathedral. The Diocese of Fredericton has recommended that every parish corporation have such an officer to guide it toward Safe Church compliance as outlined in Diocesan Regulation 4-4.

Over the next several months, Nathan will help us move into what is required to assure that our congregation is a safe place to be and that our ministries are conducted in such a way as to make that safety a priority. Included in that are Police Record Checks (Criminal Record Checks) for all those in ministries where there is contact especially with individuals and small groups; training on Safe Church protocols being offered by the Diocese; and generally raising awareness in the areas of privacy, quality of relationship and more general best practices where ministry activity is concerned.

You may be hearing from Nathan in the next little while as he brings to our attention what is required as we work toward compliance. If you need information or have questions about Safe Church, please feel free to speak to, or contact, Nathan using his contact information below. Nathan spoke briefly prior to worship on Sunday, 23 April, with some information about his work.

Various opportunities for Safe Church training have been scheduled on a diocesan basis and the current schedule you will find HERE. If you are part of a group or engaged in a ministry where this training is required, Nathan will be in touch and you’re welcome to attend any of the scheduled sessions. Thursday, 04 May 2017, 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. is as close to local as you’ll find in the first round of training. Other opportunities will continue to be offered over the coming months. Online Safe Church training is also available from the Diocesan web site.

Nathan Cutler, Safe Church Officer
(506) 472-0081
[email protected]

For links to various documents regarding Safe Church in our diocese, including Regulation 4-4, visit the Safe Church web page.

Safe Church at Christ Church Cathedral
Safe Church Regulation 4-4

Safe Church training

Dean Geoffrey Hall


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