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  • St. Joseph Guilds celebrate

    St. Joseph Guilds celebrate

    On Saturday, March 25th, Guilds of St. Joseph celebrated the Feast of St. Joseph at Christ Church Cathedral. Guilds from elsewhere in the Diocese of Fredericton were invited to attend. The following is the sermon by the Dean, part of the celebration of the Eucharist that day. Lections: 2 Samuel 7:4,8-16;  Matthew 1:16, 18-21, 24a […]      Read More »
  • Bishop and Chapter News – Mar 2017

    Bishop and Chapter News – Mar 2017

    Bishop and Chapter met on Monday, 20 March with nine of thirteen members present. Minutes of 15 February 2017 were adopted. A brief conversation was lead by the Dean based on Ephesians 5:8–20 encouraging consideration of what it means to be “light” and how we are light to one another and the wider community. Business […]      Read More »
  • Letter from St. Hilda’s School in Belize

    Letter from St. Hilda’s School in Belize

    The following is a recent letter sent to Beverly Morell by Ms. Jane Martinez, the principal of St. Hilda’s School, in Belize. Greetings Mrs. Bev, I am glad to hear that the fundraising was a success. Your donations are what makes it possible for us to provide materials needed for the classrooms and other school […]      Read More »
  • Rectors Newsletter March 2017

    Rectors Newsletter March 2017

    Dear Friends, Greetings from Bishop McAllister College and Anglican Seminary! It has been a long time since ive been able to get a newsletter out, but a shout of thanks goes out to Teacher Ainebyoona Annibo who made this possible. Annibo is busy rebuilding the school web site for which we are greatly appreciative. We […]      Read More »
  • Newcomer Family Visits Stanley

    Newcomer Family Visits Stanley

    The following is a note from Archdeacon Patrica Drummond regarding a recent visit by the Weah-Gmah family to the Parish of Stanley. We attended the service in Stanley this morning – Anglicanism at its most informal. The Parish of Stanley has been a strong supporter of our family.The service was in the basement hall, with […]      Read More »
  • PWRDF Workshop

    PWRDF Workshop

  • The Biggest Invitation – ALPHA

    The Biggest Invitation – ALPHA

    Many reading this will have participated in an Alpha course in the past and perhaps you or your church are still doing so; or it may be that you have never heard of Alpha. If you are in this latter category, Alpha is a series of interactive sessions that explore the basics of life, faith […]      Read More »
  • Youth Mission Trip to Boston

    Youth Mission Trip to Boston

  • Cathedral Faces – Betty Cluthé

    Cathedral Faces – Betty Cluthé

    Betty Cluthé joined Christ Church Cathedral in 2011. She attends the 10am Holy Eucharist and currently volunteers with the Cathedral Visitors. She was born in Germany and raised in the Lutheran Church. Surviving World War II and the collapse of Berlin, Betty emigrated from Germany and arrived in Canada in 1954, following in her sister’s […]      Read More »
  • Music Monthly – March 2017

    Music Monthly – March 2017

    01 March – Ash Wednesday 7.30pm: Holy Eucharist with Ashes (BAS) Missa l’hora passa – Viadana Psalm 103:8-18 Psalm 51 Hide not thou thy face – Farrant 170, 180, 558 Prelude on O Mensch, bewein’ BWV 622 – Bach 05 March 2017 – First Sunday in Lent 10.00: Choral Eucharist with Great Litany Mass of […]      Read More »
  • Positive Piety

    Positive Piety

    “Beware of practicing your piety before others in order to be seen by them.” Matthew 6:1 The word “piety” rings with a negative tone in most ears. One who we describe to be pious is not one we hope to be. We know the pious one to be overly centred on the self, showing a […]      Read More »
  • Please pick up your tickets ASAP!

    Please pick up your tickets ASAP!

    Please join us at the hall, this Saturday at 6:30pm for delicious treats, a silent auction, and stories directly from… Posted by Christ Church Cathedral – Fredericton on Tuesday, February 21, 2017      Read More »
  • Cathedral Missions 2017-02-20 10:28:04

    Cathedral Missions 2017-02-20 10:28:04

  • Grateful family making the rounds

    Grateful family making the rounds

    When Liberian refugee Esther Gmah was in hospital for months last fall, she had time on her hands to hatch a plan. “I want to visit all the churches helping my family,” she announced to a refugee sponsorship committee volunteer one day. “To say thank you,” she added. Several parishes raised money and did paperwork […]      Read More »
  • Bishop and Chapter News – Feb 2017

    Bishop and Chapter News – Feb 2017

    Bishop and Chapter met on Wednesday evening, 15 February with nine of thirteen members present. The meeting was postponed from 13 February due to weather. Minutes of the 16 January 2017 meeting were adopted. The Dean offered some reflection on the Gospel for the coming Sunday and the nature of truth as it is considered […]      Read More »